Sunday, June 13, 2010

Download Mp3 | Festival Rock Ke - 6

Artist / Penyanyi : Various Artist
Album : Festival Rock Ke - 6
Produksi : Logiss Records (1987)

Side A.
1. Jerit (Ananto Wibowo) – Cassanova
2. Kasta (Agung Witjaksono) – Phytagoras
3. Garis Garis Bintang (Kecuk,Banhasir) – Kaisar
4. Seruan Setan (Kevi,Valhala) – Valhalla
5. Bangkit (Achmad Sebastio, Yoseph Sudibyo) – Sahara

Side B.
1. Nafas Kehidupan (Daeng, Afis, Chachi) – New Chordex’s
2. Lembaran Baru (Andri Tidi) – Ertebe
3. Setan Morfin (Tatang Rcky) – Three Brothers
4. Tegar (Pithut,Ekka) – Balance
5. Nyanyian Kehidupan (Achong, Andi Hidayat) – Whizz Kid

Download Mp3 10 Finalis Festival Rock VI / 6
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Cassanova - Jerit.mp3 Download
Phytagoras - Kasta.mp3 Download
Kaisar - Garis Garis Bintang.mp3 Download
Valhalla - Seruan Setan.mp3 Download
Sahara - Bangkit.mp3 Download
New Chordex's - Nafas Kehidupan.mp3 Download
Ertebe - Lembaran Baru.mp3 Download
Three Brothers - Setan Morfin.mp3 Download
Balance - Tegar.mp3 Download
Whizz kid - Nyanyian Kehidupan.mp3 Download

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