Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Musik | Download Mp3 Sucker Head - Manic Depressive

Artis / Penyanyi : Sucker Head
Album : Manic Depressive
Label : Aquarius

Side A
1. Gelora Tersembunyi
2. Pesta Bunga
3. Frustasi
4. Bosan
5. Suara Misteri
6. Going Now….

Side B
1. Matahari Tak Bersinar
2. Pengembara
3. Rekayasa
4. Sepi
5. Manik Depresi
6. Manic Depressive

Personil Sucker Head – Manic Depressive are :
-Krisna J Sadrach : Bass / Vocals
-Nano : Guitar / Vocals
-Robin Hutagol : Drum
-Untung : Guitar

Download Mp3 Sucker Head Album Manic Depressive
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(Download just for collection, not for commercial)

Sucker Head - Gelora Tersembunyi.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Pesta Bunga.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Frustasi.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Bosan.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Suara Misteri.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Going Now....mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Matahari Tak Bersinar.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Pengembara.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Rekayasa.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Sepi.mp3 Download
Sucker Head - Manic Depressive.mp3 Download

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