Thursday, January 21, 2010

Download Mp3 | Rotor Album Behind The 8th Ball

Artist / Penyanyi : Rotor
Album : Behind The 8th Ball
Produkksi : Airo (1992)

Track List :
1. Behind The 8th Ball
2. Beyond The Eyes Of Pain
3. Curse Of Leak
4. The Last Moment
5. Spontanuous Live
6. Nuclear Is The Solution?
7. P'luit Phobia
8. Hate Monger
9. Dismal Picture Of Mankind
10. Gatholoco

Rotor are :
- Seto (Guitar)
- Didik (Bass)
- Bakkar Bufthaim (Drum)
- M. Irvan Sembiring (Guitar)
- Jodie (Vocal)

Download Mp3 Rotor Album Behind The 8th Ball
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Rotor - Behind The 8th Ball.mp3 Download
Rotor - Beyond The Eyes Of Pain.mp3 Download
Rotor - Curse Of Leak.mp3 Download
Rotor - The Last Moment.mp3 Download
Rotor - Spontanuous Live.mp3 Download
Rotor - Nuclear Is The Solution.mp3 Download
Rotor - P'luit Phobia.mp3 Download
Rotor - Hate Monger.mp3 Download
Rotor - Dismal Picture Of Mankind.mp3 Download
Rotor - Gatholoco.mp3 Download

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