Saturday, November 20, 2010

Download Mp3 | Rotor Album Eleven Keys

Artist / Penyanyi : Rotor
Album : Eleven Keys
Produksi : Hemagita Record (1995)

Track List :
1.No War Always Peace
2.Eleven Keys
3.A Jail In A cage
4.Behind The Eyes Of Pain
5.Inside And Outside
6.A Dismal Picture Of Mankind
7.Curse Of Leak
8.The Frustated Sheep
9.P’luit Phobia

Download Mp3 Rotor Album Eleven Keys
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Rotor - No Way Always Peace.mp3 Download
Rotor - Eleven Keys.mp3 Download
Rotor - A Jail In A Cage.mp3 Download
Rotor - Behind The Eyes Of Pain.mp3 Download
Rotor - Inside And Outside.mp3 Download
Rotor - A Dismal Picture Of Mankind.mp3 Download
Rotor - Curse Of Leak.mp3 Download
Rotor - The Frustated Sheep.mp3 Download
Rotor - P'luit Phobia.mp3 Download

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