Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Download Mp3 | Broery Pesolima Album Selamat Jalan Kasih

Musikku345 Musik Lawas Indonesia 
Artist / Penyanyi : Broery Pesolima (Various Artist)
Album : Selamat Jalan Kasih 
Produksi : Gema Record (1991)

Side A 
1. Selamat jalan Kasih (Obbie Messakh) – Broery Pesolima
2. Margaretta (Sonia IS) – Johan Untung
3. Kemarau Di Paris (Sonny S / Fariz RM) – Malyda
4. Gelisah (Imran Anwar ) – Ryan Kyoto
5. Jaman Canggih (Dodo Zakaria) – Lia Storia

Side B 
1. Cantik (Elfa S) – Harvey Malaihollo 
2. Wanita (Farid Harja ) – Farid Harja 
3. Saat Saat Manis (Toni S / Ferina) – Cecep AS
4. Semoga (Leo Manuputty) – Yopie Latul
5. Oh Rindu (Hanny Tuheteru) – Hanny Tuheteru

Download Mp3 Broery Pesolima Album Selamat Jalan Kasih 
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(Download just for collection, not for commercial)

Broery Pesolima - Selamat Jalan Kasih.mp3 Download
Johan Untung - Margaretta.mp3 Download
Malyda - Kemarau Di Paris.mp3 Download
Ryan Kyoto - Gelisah.mp3 Download
Lia Storia - Jaman Canggih.mp3 Download
Harvey Malaihollo - Cantik.mp3 Download
Farid Harja - Wanita.mp3 Download
 Cecep AS - Saat Saat Manis.mp3 Download
Yopie Latul - Semoga.mp3 Download
Hanny Tuheteru - Oh Rindu.mp3 Download

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